It’s like Phishing with Dynamite

In this post I aim to rant about the ridiculous quality of website’s on the dub-dub-dub.  Inspired by curiously clicking on a sponsored link on Facebook, I found myself on, another bandwagon hopper, riding on the code-tails of the highly successful

I am all in favour of re-creating successful websites, particularly if you aim to offer something extra or niche. specifically aim towards holiday makers from the Republic of Ireland, and as they simply do not have the customer base to cover costs, it means that they must sell a quota of holidays before they can offer it at the reduced price.

Diluted business plans aside, the main reason for my disgust is that this particular website offers a ‘buy now’ facility, where customers are asked to enter all of their details, completely unsecured and unencrypted.

It’s hard to tell whether this website is attempting to be genuine or not, either way, no website that asks for collection of credit card details should be allowed to submit these without the necessary security in place.

As there seems to be no easy ‘WHOIS’ for .ie domains, I have emailed the website asking why there is no security offered. Watch this space.

Further investigation shows that Grouple seem to be either affiliated with or operated by TopFlightHolidays or TopFlight offer a lot more legitimacy in their online home and with an impressive 30,277 Facebook followers, Grouple could very well kick off, but for the sake of internet security, let’s hope it’s not before they invest in a little SSL!



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