Welcome to the BLEEPING jungle.

The government attempts to censor the internet, with the primary aim to block websites which may allow users to infringe copyrights.

…and it will happen. But we all know it won’t stick. Let’s face it, the developers who will be enforcing these blocks will be excellent programmers, mathematicians, and strategists with tens of years of experience. They will say it “can’t be cracked”, which is undoubtably the best way to wet the lips of the thousands of (ill-termed) hackers out there.

When the developers of the Blu-Ray disc released the format to the world in 2007, analysts said that the format wouldn’t likely be cracked for about 10 years. Eight long months passed as Slysoft developers sat perfecting their crack with hard drives full of cheesy HD Adam Sandler “comedies” and even cheesier grins.

Slysofts ‘Any DVD HD’ is now widely available and can be purchased from them directly for a mere £55. Then again, for those who are considering Blu-Ray copyright infringement, generally won’t pick their battles and download the Slysoft software illegally anyway; however some people choose to pay, as a sign of respect.

They can apply to court to get ISPs to surrender the name of the computer that used an infringing net address.”  BBC News

As scary as it sounds, I am certain that pirates arent batting an eye-patch…..ah?

To conclude, for every algorithm and mathematical equation, there is a solution, and for every programmer, there is a better programmer, thinking outside of the box, always thinking two lines ahead.



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