I’m Tyler Winklevoss & Facebook was my idea

This week the Winlkevoss brothers,  those guys that claimed to have created Facebook have had a claim threw out of courts. They decided to re-open the case that saw them settle with $65m in cash and shares back in 2008, and it was open and shut by judges. These days it’s not uncommon to see court battle over intelligent property, and to say that we don’t know the full story is to say the least, however I think the twins should be happy with their share of the company and a lump of cash, after all it seems all they did do was come up with an idea, tell someone about it, and spend a lot of days arguing because Zuck actually done something as opposed to talking about doing something.

I wonder could I could claim that Windows 7 was my idea because of all the crash reports I sent from Vista?

“..Fix this, this is crap, why have you got this?…”

In that environment we are essentially the testers for a massively overpriced piece of software, and we are rewarded by getting to pay for the next piece of massively overpriced software.



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